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Mycorrhiza is a micro-organism, which together with fungi and bacteria ensures optimum soil life. Micosat F products consist of a select group of endo- or ecto-mycorrhizae, fungi and bacteria that are matched to the roots of the particular plant.

uienMicosat F Seeds WP consists of a select group of endo-mycorrhizae, fungi and bacteria that are matched to the roots of the onion plant.

Once introduced into the ground, the mycorrhizae grow into a colony within about one week. The endo-mycorrhizae forms a symbiosis with the root of the onion plant which is developing. The closer the mycorrhizae is applied to the onion seed or onion plantlet, the faster the symbiosis is achieved allowing the mycorrhizae to penetrate the roots of the plant.

Once penetrated into the onion root, the root system (Rhizophere) becomes considerably bigger so that the plant can take up more nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphate. In addition, the plant extracts the trace elements better from the soil such as magnesium, copper, zinc and iron. This eventually results in a better quality of onion and a greater yield.

Micosat F is 100% organic and ensures with its package of select fungi and bacteria, that the onion plant grows stronger and achieves optimal resistance to disease during the whole growing period.


  1. Plant with Micosat F Seeds WP. Dissolve the powder in water (3 kg per hectare). Whilst planting spray Micosat F Seeds WP directly onto the seed on the ground.
  2. When applying Micosat F TAB WP on the plant above the ground it becomes more resistant to fungi diseases. The dosage is 4 kg per hectare, which is divided into six to eight parts and then sprayed equally during the growing season. This is 500 grams of Micosat F TAB WP dissolved in water for each spray every 8 -12 days (earlier or later) depending on the growth and weather conditions.
  3. In case no water tank and spray installation system is available on the planting machine, choose Micosat F UNO granules. The dosage is then 10-12 kg per hectare. Apply this with a granulate spreader as close to the onion seed or plantlets as possible. It is also possible to apply the granulate into the prepared or harrowed soil maximum three weeks in advance. Make sure that the Micosat F is not exposed to the sunlight.

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