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Micosat F has a number of products specifically produced for the seed potatoes and for the potato plants. These products contributes to an optimum plant growth and resistance against diseases.

aardappelsMicosat Seeds WP is composed of a select group of mycorrhizae, fungi and bacteria that are matched to the roots of the plant. Mycorrhiza is a micro-organism, which together with fungi and bacteria contributes to optimum soil life. Once introduced into the ground, the mycorrhizae grow into a colony within about one week. The endo-mycorrhizae penetrate the roots and form a symbiosis with the plant.

The root structure becomes considerably bigger. The plant’s uptake of nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and phospate is improved. In addition, the plant extracts more efficiently the trace elements from the soil, such as magnesium, copper, zinc and iron. This eventually results in a bigger and stronger plant yielding potatoes with a uniformity of size.

Dosage for planting and care

  1. Plant with Micosat F Seeds WP: dissolved in water or apply in powder form, 4 kg per hectare. Apply directly to the seed potato or as close as possible. When using a granulate spreader machine Micosat F can be used. Apply 12-15 kg per hectare.
  2. After the foliage is above ground start spraying Micosat F TAB WP, 500 grams per hectare, dissolved in water.
  3. After 10-15 days, depending on the growth rate and the weather conditions, spray 500 grams of Micosat F VO12 WP dissolved in water, per hectare.
  4. Repeat the above spraying of Micosat F TAB and Micosat F VO12 every 10-15 days. Again, this is dependent on the rate of growth and weather conditions. In total spray alternatively 4x Micosat F TAB and 4x Micosat F VO12.

aardappelveld-met-en-zonder-micosatAttention: The mycorrhizae are attached to root fragments. When Micosat is dissolved in water, the micro-organisms separate from the root fragments and can settle at the bottom of the tank. Therefore, to avoid blockage it is advised to keep the liquid in motion so that the carriers remain dispersed throughout the solution and do not settle at the bottom of the tank.

Spray equipment: a minimum filter opening with a diameter of 76 um and a spray nozzle diameter of 100 um is recommended.
Avoid the usage of chemical fungicides on the plants. When the plant is above the ground it is optional to switch to conventional spray method.

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