boomkwekerijenMICOSAT F UNO and MICOSAT F FOREST is a highly concentrated inoculum of endo- and/or ecto-mycorrhizae and beneficial fungi and bacteria.

These mycorrhizae may also occur naturally in the soil around the tree roots. However, the naturally occurring levels are often far too low or even absent.

Once Micosat F is introduced into the ground, the micro-organisms provide optimal conditions for the growth of the plants. They stimulate root growth and improve the absorption of nutrients and trace elements.
In these conditions, the plants not only grow better, but are also more resistant to drought, diseases and other stressors.

By using Micosat F, the natural microbial balance in the soil - plant system is restored. Therefore, pathogens can cause less damage and the microbial activity, which is important for the fertility and structure of the soil, is increased.

Micosat F UNO & Micosat F Forest mycorrhizae, fungi and bacteria

  • Increases the root structure
  • Improves the yield
  • Reduces the need for additional chemical fertilizers and pesticides partly or completely.
  • Is 100% organic (SKAL)
  • Does not leave residues on the crop
  • Aims for sustainable agriculture and horticulture
  • Less phosphate is needed

Micosat F UNO is supplied in granules for planting or mixing into the potting soil.
Micosat F WP products are supplied in powder form and can be dissolved in water.
These products may be sprayed onto the plant leaves, or into the ground, or be added via a dripper.

Micosat F UNO granules Root growth, soil, endo-mycorrhiza
Micosat F Forest granules Root growth, soil, endo- and ecto-mycorrhiza
Micosat F TAB WP powder More resistant against fungi
Micosat F DP10 WP powder More resistant against bacteria and fungi
Micosat F LEN WP powder More resistant against insects and nematodes
Micosat F dosage per length
Micosat Micosat F Forest Micosat F UNO Micosat F Forest
Height of tree Oak etc. gram per tree Fruit tree gr/tree Conifers
15 cm 4 2,5 4
20 cm 4 2,5 4
25 cm 4 3 4
30 cm 4 4 4
40 cm 8 4 8
50 cm 8 8 8
60 cm 8 8 8
70 cm 10 10 10
80 cm 10 10 10
90 cm 10 15 10
100 cm 15 15 15
120 cm 15 20 15
150 cm 15 30 15
200 cm 20 40 20
tot 300 cm 30 45 30
tot 400 cm 40 45 40
Micosat for trees, fruit trees & bushes ECTO or ENDO MYCORRHIZAE   Endo-mycorrhiza Ecto-mycorrhiza
Latin name: Dutch name: English name: Micosat F UNO Micosat F Forest
Acacia Mimosoideae Acacia Mimosa    
Acer Esdoorn Maple Sycamore    
Alnus Els Alder    
Betula Berk Birch    
Buxus Buxus Box    
Carpinus betulus Haagbeuk Hornbeam    
Castanea Kastanje Chestnut    
Cedrus Deodara Ceder Ceder    
Corylus Avellana Hazelaar Hazel    
Crataegus Meidoorn Hawthorn    
Cypressus Sempervirens Cypres Cypress    
Eucalyptus Eucalyptus Eucalyptus    
Fagus Sylvatica Beuk Beech    
Fraxinus Excelsior Es Ash    
Hydrangea Macrophylla Hortensia Hydrangea    
Ilex aquifolium Hulst Holly    
Laburnum anagyroides Gouden Regen Golden rain    
Larix Larix Larch    
Laurus Nobilus Laurier Bay laurel    
Magnolia Magnolia Magnolia    
Malus domestica Fruit-Appelbomen Fruit tree Apple    
Pineceae Den Conifer    
Pinus Spar Pine    
Pirus Fruit-Perenboom Fruit tree Pear    
Platanus Plataan Plane    
Populus Populier Popular    
Prunus Fruit-Kersenboom Fruit tree Cherry    
Prunus domestica Fruit-Pruimenboom Fruit tree Plum    
Quercus Eik Oak    
Rhododendron Rododendron Rhododendon    
Salix Wilg Willow    
Sambucus Vlier Elderberry    
Sorbus aucuparia Lijsterbes Mountain ash    
Tilia X Vulgaris Linde Lime    
Ulmus Iep / Olm Elm    
Walnoot regia Walnoot Walnut