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druivenMycorrhiza is a micro-organism, which together with fungi and bacteria ensures optimum soil life. Micosat F Grape consists of a select group of endo-mycorrhizae, fungi and bacteria that are matched to the roots of vines. Once introduced into the ground, the mycorrhizae in the ground grow into a colony in about one week.

The endo-mycorrhizae eventually forms a symbiosis with the roots of the vine. The root structure will become considerably stronger. In this way the plant can absorb more nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphate. In addition, the plant can absorb better the trace elements from the soil such as magnesium, copper and zinc. This eventually results in a greater yield.

Micosat F is 100% organic and ensures with its package of select fungi and bacteria, that the crop, during the growing period, achieves optimal resistance to disease.


  1. De dosage is approximately 20 kg per hectare. When planting young vines the dose depends on the humus formation of the organic material in the soil. See table or the dosage per rank length. For established planted vines there is a different dosage, see table.
  2. We recommend to use Micosat F TAB PLUS in the spring time in order to prevent fungal diseases. Dissolve the Micosat F TAB PLUS powder in water and the dosage is 1-2 kg per hectare, based on 300 liters of water per hectare.
  3. Repeat this operation 3 or 4 times.
  4. A few weeks before harvesting use Micosat F VO12. The dose is 1-2 kilos per hectare. The shelf life of the grapes will be improved by this.

wielWhen applying compost in the autumn or winter, it is also advised to apply yearly two kilos of Micosat F Grape per hectare. This speeds up the formation of humus and the release of minerals in the soil. To get the mycorrhizae as close to the roots as possible, chaff (cut) the roots with a rotating blade. Micosat F Grape can be simultaneously be administered.

In case of disease risk:
When there is a risk of bacteria disease on the vines: use Micosat F DP10 between the treatments of the Micosat F TAB PLUS. Apply Micosat F DP10 when watering the vines, up to approx. 4 kg per hectare per year.

When there is a risk of nematodes: use Micosat F LEN on the trunk of the vine. Apply Micosat F DP10 while watering the vines: dosage 1.5 kg per hectare.

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