micosatMycorrhiza is a micro-organism, which together with fungi and bacteria contributes to an optimum soil life. Micosat F products consist of a select group of endo- or ecto-mycorrhizae, fungi and bacteria that are matched to the roots of the particular plant.

After application of Micosat F in the ground, the mycorrhizae grow and become a colony within about one week. The mycorrhizae penetrate the roots of the plant to form a symbiosis. Once penetrated into the roots of the host plant, the mycorrhizae help the plant to absorb the nutrients better; such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphate. In addition, the plant extracts better the trace elements from the soil, such as magnesium, copper, zinc and iron.

250px-Ericoid_mycorrhizal_fungusThe plant's growth is stimulated by the mycorrhizae, which improves the root structures. The plant grows better and extends its roots (rhizosphere) considerably, which allows the plant to uptake more nutrients and water. The growth is much stronger and the plant is more resistant to diseases under the ground. This ultimately results in an increased yield, not only for potatoes and strawberries, but also, for example, for other soft fruit, trees, plants and fruit trees.

scan-5971Furthermore, the select group of fungi and bacteria in Micosat F assists the stronger and healthier plant to become more resistant against diseases. Indeed, there are a number of dominant fungi and bacteria present in soil and these are given less chance to attack the plant though the use of Micosat F.

The crops can also be treated a number of times during the growing season by spraying Micosat F dissolved in water. Through this, the resistance against diseases above ground is further improved.

Micosat, mycorrhizae, fungi and bacteria

  • Increases the root structure
  • Improves the yield
  • Reduces the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  • Is 100% biological (SKAL)
  • Does not leave residues on the crop
  • Aims for sustainable agriculture and horticulture
  • Less phosphate is needed

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